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RAID/NAS/SAN Data Recovery

RAID Data Recovery

Many home and business users now utilise RAID technology in order to save their data. From the business user allowing their CRM database to be accessed by multiple users. To the home user who uses it for streaming movies and music. The reasons for use are many and varied as too are the reasons for failures to occur. We at Microserve data recovery have been helping our RAID clients, new and old, for 15 years and in that time we have encountered a whole host of problems that can result in a RAID drive failure.

NAS Data Recovery

Network Attached Storage (NAS) is the choice storage system of enterprise and small and medium-sized business and organisations due to ease of deployment and management. NAS uses RAID technology of distributed data blocks for performance and redundancy, as well as leveraging the software management features that Storage Area Networks (SANs) incorporate.

SAN Data Recovery

Storage Area Network (SAN) provides high performance, reliability and flexible storage capacity management. SAN storage systems rarely fail. Data loss on SANs tends to be the result of user error with snapshot management or an error with other SAN data management features.