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Microserve is long established but small company, we possess huge technical capabilities that will secure our leading position within our field of speciality covering IP based products and services. Over the last 12 months we have made considerable investment in technical, commercial and human resources to ensure us achieving our strategic objectives within the IP world where IP is virtually is controlling our world through our finger tips, PCs, laptops and smart devises. Living in a world with ever increasing security demands to protect lives, assets and environment necessitates finding new solutions to meet these demands.
You will experience Qatar through your experience with ABK Group of Companies. We are dedicated to providing service excellence covering a diverse range of products and services to the private, corporate and government sectors alike. Our vision and mission are clear and shall lead us to becoming a leading business and participants in the development of the country. Training, transfer of technology together with providing the most suited solutions to our clients’ needs, remains our top priority at all times.

Although small in area and population, Qatar enjoys huge national and international achievements thanks to the vision and strong beliefs of HH the Emir, Sheik Hamad Bin Khalifa Althani. In Qatar we enjoy an ultra-modern living with state of the art infrastructure and facilities while at the same time continue to enjoy our unique cultural and social values in perfect harmony.

Supported by Qatar Foundation with its state of the art educational facilities and thanks to the chairmanship of HH Sheika Moza Bint Naser, Qatar Foundation has made valuable contribution towards the development of our citizens and expat-communities alike creating a cultural bridge between nations, providing an environment to develop talents, nourish innovation and recognise achievement, Qatar Foundation represents an important face of Qatar, a place where one can turn dreams to reality.


Traditional analogue CCTV Systems can no longer cope with these demands and thanks to IP Surveillance Technology we at Microserve are now able to provide the most robust IP security solutions available on the market today. Our commitment to delivering these solutions is self-evident through the collection of world class vendors and solutions provider we bring to the local market.