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At Microserve our disposal we have been helping our customers recover their data from memory cards

Camera Memory Card Usage And Subsequent Loss Of Data

From a technological viewpoint memory cards are a fantastic addition to the way in which data can be stored and moved around but problems can occur with these devices in a variety of similar ways to hard drives. With this in mind it is worth remembering that within a memory card there are a lot of components that can be easily damaged if the device is dropped, bent or submerged in liquid. Likewise the device can also be prone to electronic failings if it is exposed to too much heat, cold or electricity.

Camera Memory Card Physical Damage and Related FailuresThis is custom heading element

With a myriad of technology at our disposal we have been helping our customers recover their data from memory cards for many years now and in doing so have become familiar with a whole host of reasons as to why they fail. Physical damage to a memory card is one of the most common reasons for loss of data and as such we find that we are asked to recover data that may have been otherwise lost or reported lost by other data recovery companies. We can recover data from memory cards providing the flash memory chips inside have not been too badly damaged.

Camera Memory Card Electronic Interference Problems

If you have left your memory card inside the card reader on your computer then there is a possibility it might become damaged or unreadable if a power surge occurs. We recommend that as a computer user you use a power surge protection device where possible and also recommend removing your memory card from its host device whenever it is not in use. This reduces the likelihood of damage occurring in this way. However as there is no determining when a power surge may occur there is still a chance it could happen whilst you are using the device. To this end a loss of data may occur (or the data may become unreadable) if the electronics within the device are disrupted by a sudden and large electrical current.

Unintentional Deletion or Formatting of Camera Memory Card

The unintentional deleting of data is something we are asked to help our clients recover from on a regular basis. It can occur because a user is unfamiliar with the drive letters allocated to their memory card(s) or because they have been simply trying to execute one command and carried out another. Regardless of the write protect technology within a memory card or USB stick there is no legislating for an incorrect delete or format command from a user than cannot be undone once carried out. We can retrieve the data if the device has not subsequently been formatted again or had other data saved to it. Contact us for more details on how we can help recover your data after an accidental deletion or format.

Camera Memory Card Non-Readable in PC or Mac Card Reader

It is worth noting that not all card readers can read the data on a memory card. And the reasons for this may be one of many. Sometimes it is the way in which the card has been formatted. It may be because of a problem reading the directory and file path or it may be because the card has sustained significant damage whilst in transit that the card cannot read the card because the pins and connectors through which the data is sent are damaged. We also find that some of our clients have difficulty reading the data on memory cards if they have been left in or near direct sunlight. If you have a memory card containing valuable information and it cannot be read by any memory card then you should contact us whilst ensuring the card is kept in a safe place.