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SAN Data Recovery

Storage Area Network (SAN) provides high proformance, reliability and flexible storage capacity managment.

RAID Data recovery

SAN Data Recovery

Investment in a Storage Area Network (SAN) provides high performance, reliability and flexible storage capacity management. SAN storage systems rarely fail. Data loss on SANs tends to be the result of user error with snapshot management or an error with other SAN data management features.

SAN systems support a large number of users. Due of the sheer volume of users and the critical nature of the they store, a SAN recovery usually requires emergency 24/7 recovery services. Microserve is the only provider of data recovery services for SAN storage.

Fast Recovery Solutions For SAN Systems

Microserve Data Recovery service is the most secure and fastest way to search for and restore the original data on SAN’s shared pool storage architecture. Whether the SAN contains file shares, volume LUNs, or iSCSI LUNs, Microserve Data Recovery service engineers understand how data on these systems are stored and how to restore critical data when it is no longer accessible.

Microserve has data reconstruction applications and techniques for the following systems: