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Microserve Data Recovery service for desktop recovery are trusted by thousands of IT professionals and technology users whose data was thought to be hopelessly lost , damaged or impossible to retrieve.

Desktop Recovery

Flash drive & Memory card Recovery

With portable flash drives now as ubiquitous as fresh air we store all sorts of important information on them from important and sensitive documents to family and holiday snaps on digital SD cards. Never mind the heartache data loss that these devices can cause, it can also cause practical problems especially if these devices store the fruit of labors or sensitive information. However, the good news is that most of the time data can be recovered from flash drives and SD cards. And here’s how.

If our computer hard drive crashes there’s usually a period of weeping and wailing, followed by some form of remedial action – if possible. If a USB flash drive* or SD card gets wiped there’ll likely be a period of shocked silence, quickly followed by weeping and wailing. We usually don’t expect data from USB drives or SD cards to disappear. Or do we? But accidents can and do happen, for instance, it’s easy to unintentionally erase or overwrite existing data. And then there are the following failures too that

wipe data on portable devices:

Desktop Recovery

USB Flash Drives with hardware faults require many hours of hands on, labor intensive work. We only recommend this service for extremely important data. This process involves us removing the cover of the USB Flash Drive, removing the memory chip(s) from the PCB and making a copy of the raw data on it to a file.

We then work out how the data is being saved to the memory chip. Once we work out the method used for that particular model USB Flash Drive we can extract the files/folders. This process will void any warranty on the USB Flash Drive.The method we used does not require an identical usb flash drive for spare parts. We can work with any brand, model or size flash drive. In some cases we can actually repair the PCB and recover your data faster than the estimated time frame quoted above.

The cost reflects the complex nature of this work and the investment as a business to develop special hardware, software that other data recovery companies worldwide simply do not have. In the case of chip off and monolith type USB flash drive data recovery, it can take us up to at least 10-20 hours per week of dedicated time for up to several months in many cases to recover data from badly damaged USB Flash Drives. In some other cases, if we can simply repair the flash drive it can be done within a few minutes or a few hours of our time depending on the problem and how much other work in our lab each day. We have recovered data from hundreds of faulty or damaged USB Flash Drives that computer shops and other data recovery companies have been unable to recover any data from. Don’t give up! Let us try to help you. Contact us now!