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Virtual Machine Data Recovery

With Microserve Recovery engineers and an unmatched suite of custom data recovery tools, your VMware data loss can be evaluated and recovery initiated in a matter of hours via our in-lab

Data Recovery

Virtual Machine Data Recovery

Microserve is uniquely positioned to help recover data from VMware® virtual disk drives and other virtualized systems such as Microsoft® Hyper-V™.

Microserve Data Recovery engineers have developed the technologies necessary for VMware data recovery. We can recover all types of files from any VMware or virtual drive configuration.

Experts in Virtualization

Microserve Data Recovery are the experts in VMware data recovery and can perform successful data recoveries from nearly any virtual machine, server or system; including:
Virtual infrastructure

VMware®, Microsoft® Hyper-V®, Citrix® and Linux® XEN®, Oracle®

Virtual file systems


File system corruption
Deleted virtual machines
Internal virtual disk corruption

Common Causes of Data Loss

Virtualization software has enabled organizations to consolidate operating systems and increase productivity for computer hardware, offering significant benefits and cost savings to a rapidly growing list of users.

Despite advancesin server hardware and storage, data loss is prevalent with any of these types of systems and often more destructive as multiple virtualized systems are affected by the loss of a single physical server or storage device. The most common causes of virtualized data loss include

Virtualization brings an extra layer of complexity to a host system and when data loss occurs within a virtual machine it is critical to select a data recovery provider experienced in VMware data recovery or other virtualized systems.

By utilizing the industry’s largest team of data recovery engineers and an unmatched suite of custom data recovery tools,your virtualized data loss situation can be evaluated and initiated in a matter of hours via our data recovery services.

RAID and other storage/server
Deleted or corrupt files contained within virtualized storage systems